What Goes Into a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy?

This is the first installment of our weekly blog piece giving you a free and concise digital marketing course. 

  1. Specific knowledge of who your customers are and what they care about.
  2. A memorable brand name.
  3. A brand message/story that resonates with your ideal audience.
  4. A website layout that places your key brand messages in places where people naturally look.
  5. A compelling offer to gather contact information and make that first sale or build an audience for ongoing marketing purposes.
  6. Keyword research to find terms for Google that reveal specific needs you can help with on the part your potential customers.
  7. Well-written ads that address the need that is driving people to search for your solution.
  8. Valuable informational resources that would be appreciated by people who are in the market for your type of product or service.

One tool for getting a specific knowledge of who your customers are is creating a customer avatar.  This is where you create a fictitious person complete with a name, gender, age, education, family situation, career, financials etc.  Then you try to dial into what they care about, their challenges, which media do they tend to consume?  Magazines they read, websites they visit and causes that matter.

Part of it is also building an emotional map.  These pointers assist greatly in developing other things you need for a successful marketing push.

Elements such as your content plan, advertising copy, images and Facebook targetting are all informed by the knowledge gained from developing your customer avatar.

Once the main avatars are created it helps to go further and create sub-avatars to represent the typical clients for the important subsets of your business.

Smart marketers also go so far as to defining negative customer avatars for those prospects who you DO NOT want to work with.  Which scenarios end up costing time and money without a fruitful result?