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Let Unafraid Media experts set up call tracking through for your Adwords and Bing Campaigns.

Get all your pay per click calls recorded for training purposes!

70% of online activity is performed from mobile devices.  Now you can even let your customers text message your team to make that first contact in a more casual manner.

It Starts at About $30 a Month!  Let’s talk about adding Call Tracking to Your Online Marketing Process.

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How it Works

When visitors hit your website from the search engine ads, special javascript code shows them a special phone number they can dial.  This associates each call with specific ads and keyword sets.

This information lets us direct your adspend into the most profitable segments for your business.

Additional Features Include:

  • Get text messages from your potential customers’ cell phones.
  • Integrate your online marketing and also keep track of calls from offline campaigns such as direct mail.
  • We can implement “whisper technology” to prompt your staff as to what the caller is calling about based on the ad where they found you.