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Neurotic Adwords Account Management

Most Adwords managers breeze through the setup making mistakes that cost you money every day.  Unafraid Media cuts your cost and increases your ROI by setting it all up the right way and continuously monitoring the performance of your campaigns and ad groups.

Over time your results get better and better as we identify which elements are bringing in money and which are using up your budget with few results.  We then can make recommendations as to where to put more resources going forward and where it is wiser to cut back.

If you already have worked with another Adwords service and been disappointed with the results Unafraid Media will be happy to provide you with an account audit with actionable recommendations to plug the biggest leaks immediately!

We take the time to understand your business flow and who your customers are.

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Advanced Keyword Research

Rather than going for expensive general terms we search for “long tail keywords” that reveal specific buyer intention related to your business offerings.  This type of keyword research is more time consuming but ends up providing a far lower cost per click and a much better conversion rate when combined with the other strategies we provide at Unafraid Media.

Ad Writing Services

We help our clients develop ad sets that match well with the expectations of the Search Engine visitors.  Not only does it increase the likelihood of a getting a click but it also raises the Google quality score resulting in a much better cost per click.

Landing Page Design

90% of website visitors spend less than 10 seconds on a web page before clicking the “back” button.  The is called “the bounce rate.”

A great deal of research has gone into understanding what happens during that brief window of opportunity and how to increase “the stick rate” beyond 10 seconds.

Much of it comes down to knowing what the critical elements are.  An example of a critical element is the “call to action.” Beyond that it is necessary to put these elements in the areas of the page where the eyes naturally go.  Nothing critical to your business outcome should be “below the fold” in an area of the page where the user has to scroll.

70% of website traffic is mobile these days and special consideration has to be given to optimizing the content flow for use with cell phones.

Unafraid Media takes care of this crucial form of development by creating a strong overall design.  We then modify key messages on the page to create specific landing pages that match with the visitor’s expectations when they originally searched on Google and clicked on your ad.

Call Now for Expert Help with Adwords Bid Management – (980) 444-1632